Our Officers


starting with our chapter roles, to leading in our everyday lives.

  • president

    Tori Domaleski

  • vice president of membership

    Halley Dyaanand

  • vice president of new member education

    Maddie Longo

  • vice president of programs

    Maddie Talbert

  • vice president of philanthropy

    Gillian Graeme

  • secretary

    Pascale Emde

  • treasurer

    Taylor Grace York

  • academics

    Jamila Velez-Khader

  • risk manager

    Melanie Mendoza

  • panhellenic delegate

    Rose  Mironov

Our Advisors

Ashby Addiss

Adela Zizic

Alex Dion

Tara Graham

College Chapter Director

Membership Advisor

New Member Education Advisor

Programs Advisor

Mandy Swint

Rebecca Groeneveld

Ginny Ulmer

Alex Domaleski

Philanthropy Advisor

Finance Advisor

Academics Advisor

Risk Management Advisor

Kasey Sorel

Standards Advisor

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