giving graciously

There are women in this world who will do things that must be done, that haven’t been done, and that no one else will or can do. We believe in these women; in each woman. We provide merit-based scholarships that encourage her excellence in the classroom. We support programming ideas that contribute to her personal growth, and we create strategic partnerships that extend her reach throughout the world.

We, in other words, empower the woman. We give graciously.

our causes


Nationally, our sorority supports the research for speech and hearing through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Starkey Hearing Foundation's Mission is to change the social consciousness of hearing and hearing matters through education and research; while providing the gift of hearing to those in need around the world.


Each year, we hold our annual Hit for Hearing golf tournament to raise money for Starkey. This past year was our most successful with us raising over $10,000 for speech and hearing.