our sisterhood

 Words can't describe the feelings that surround the Delta Zeta sisterhood.  Each sister has a story of a time when our sisters' unconditional love and support held us together and helped us through a tough time.  They are there for it all -- the fun times, the bad times, the times you stay up until six in the morning laughing, and the times you stay up until six in the morning crying. 

Delta Zeta sisterhood is so many things.  It is a shoulder to cry on, an inside joke, a girl's night out, a bond over our favorite sports, an "I love you" followed by an "I love you more" and, on top of everything else, it is an everlasting bond


You are such a beautiful, wise, loving and passionate person. You are one of my many greatest blessings in life.

I love you.

- Macey 


I had so much fun planning family day with y’all and had even more fun playing w all the bunnies and chickens. Love you ladies. MUAH.



thank you for always looking at the bright side of things.  I’m eternally grateful for DZ putting you in my life. I love u forever and ever 


Hanna S,

u deserve all the happiness in the world and I am so lucky to be ur sister and friend. love u

-Maddie G.


I love you!!! Thank you for simply being your beautiful kind and caring self!!

-Biggie (MC)


We have a tradition at the end of each chapter meeting, where we read notes collected throughout the week. The notes are to and from our sisters, and we call them "sunshines". Here is a small glimpse into our sisterhood.


I have a friend crush on you. you're so beautiful.




Hi I love u! I hope u killed ur RT test but I know u did because u are so smart and powerful! you got it this semester!!!




you are the kindest soul I love you until I die

-Maddie Longo


I adore u, sorry I gave u a safety alarm and it keeps going off in class and embarrassing you but I think it develops character, either way, I love u 



 I’m so proud of you for killing it in volleyball!!! I will forever be your sideline hypeman. love you so much my little.